Sell Your Wines

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At the best market price

At our cost

Different personal choices or moments in life lead you to part with part of your cellar. You have two main choices: buyout by a professional or put it up for auction. Note that if you choose to put it up for auction, no one can guarantee you a sale price. Any unsold lots will be returned to you. Between the buyers ‘fees and the sellers’ fees, the sum due to you will be reduced by approximately 40%. The shipping costs before and after the sale are often for you.

Also, having your wines redeemed by l’Enclos des vins is a much simpler and more reliable process. Here it is described below:

Sending your wine list

Send us the list of bottles for sale on indicating your contact details and a phone number where you can be reached. A maximum of details will facilitate the estimation of your wines, we therefore invite you to tell us the name of the château / estate as well as its vintage, the vintage, the quantity and the packaging of each reference you wish to sell. Please note that by virtue of its specificity, l’Enclos des vins repurchases all the great vintages in the world, whatever its vintage, as long as the storage conditions have been optimal.

To do this, please find the following example file to complete: Redemption file for wine

Buyback offer

We make you a firm and cash redemption proposal within 48 hours. The estimate is made online, in complete transparency and at the best market price. Depending on the vintage and the reference, the presentation and the conservation indexing the redemption price, we will surely ask you for photos.

Removal of your bottles

The logistics, packaging and transport of your wine bottles are fully managed by our team and at our expense. Depending on the volume, the distance and the value, we move ourselves to collect the wines or have a specialized transporter pass through.

Payment and certificate

When the wines are collected, we pay for your wines by check, cashier’s check or transfer. In addition, a purchase certificate is signed to record the commercial transaction.